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Creating unforgettable shared culinary experiences for corporate events, family gatherings, holiday celebrations and more



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Pronounced “shoko”, these gastronomical clubs originated in the Basque region of Spain in 1870 as informal places for men to meet, eat, drink and talk, their name coming from the word for “cozy corner”. Originally closed culinary societies, they were places where Basque men could cook, eat, sing, and speak the Basque language without state control. Today, Txokos are found all over the world, and have taken on many different forms, from informal gatherings of friends to a chartered society with a formal location and cooking facilities.


Our Txoko USA is the perfect place for friends, guests and community to gather around the shared experience of upscale, amazingly creative, and deliciously healthy fresh dining.


Located in the west Los Angeles facility of NutriFit, our dining room comfortably seats up to 14 guests, the dining room can be booked for private events or virtual experiences.


We hope you’ll join us, and invite those in your circles to do the same. What awaits you is a world exciting meals, fabulous beverages, engaging conversations and unique experiences. 



Welcome to TxokoUSA.


Jackie Keller

Jackie Keller


Founder & Executive Chef

Oscar Gonzalez

Oscar Gonzalez


Executive Sous Chef

Our Chefs


Book a private tasting event with Txoko for an unforgettable culinary experience. Whether a corporate event or celebration with friends and family - we'll work with you to create the perfect menu for your guests. 

We offer several different tasting events - including nine courses menus, hors d'oeuvres, to truffle or dessert tastings all with a wine or mocktail tasting component designed and prepared exclusively by our executive chef team - founder Jackie Keller and chef Oscar Gonzalez, a level II sommelier and Michelin star chef. 

Our interactive virtual experience is designed to bring people together through a shared meal, weaving together multi-sensory components to create a culinary showcase that will inform and delight all in attendance.

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"[You] saved the holidays for our company! Jackie and Oscar put on a wonderfully warm, engaging, interesting and informative virtual wine and dinner presentation for us. Their process was seamless as they delivered custom-curated gourmet dinners and wines to our staff throughout California and Chicago! Everything arrived on-time as promised. Now about the food and wine….what an amazing sensory adventure! Your passionate insights taught us how smell, taste, sight and texture all work together to create a completely absorbing culinary experience. The wines were all different, complex, and oh so enjoyable. And they paired perfectly with the different portions of the outstanding meal. Each course was so thoughtful, interesting, creative and absolutely delicious! My colleagues have been raving about what a wonderful experience it was….all thanks to you and your team!"

David Rosenthal

President & CEO

Curtis-Rosenthal, Inc.

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